Friday, August 24, 2018


We would like to open up the training module we develope in the last few years to give values to real estate industries, we strongly believe we can help the real estate agent onboarding processes that could help to get new sales agents trained and move into production quickly. We want to ensure them close their 1st deal in 1st Month.

In the training we provide the following:

1. Business Generation-Listing, real estate portal productivity and lead generation.
2. Agent Scripts- Sample of dialogues and objection handling tips will help you rapidly grow your business.
3. Real Estate Teams-How to Build, grow and manage a team
4. Online Marketing-Social media, website and the internet to work generating new leads
5. Public Speaking-Build the competencies you need to communicate and lead
6. Leadership & Entreprenuership-To make an difference in yourself and others and to develop self manage people

Interested to participate please PM us.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

One World Real Estate Internship Program

One of the blessing thing in my life is having a group of same mindset, work on synergies, able to create values, sharing our experience and able to share our love to new generation. We want to make a difference in #MalaysiaRealEstate.

In year 2015 we started our 1st internship program and now our internship comes to 3rd years and 5 batch of interns successfully graduate from this program. 

One World Internship Program with a intention to #empower #shares #synergies form of experiential learning that empowers students to integrate knowledge and theory learned throughout the curriculum with practical application and skills development in a professional setting。

Why they choose One World Internship platform? We share, We care and We give our best.

Call us if you are interested to fill out more about Internship program at Low Mooi Hoon +60 12-653 0714

#OneWorldTraining #graduations 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Buy to live or buy to let?

Think about your short and long-term financial goals when buying property“Buy to live or buy to let?”的图片搜索结果

Before you buy property, you often think whether you want to buy to live or buy to let. Do you want a home or do you want an investment? Would you rather swap your monthly rent to pay towards a mortgage or would you rather rent out for potential additional revenue? Here are a few tips that will help you decide.


A buy-to-let strategy is an attractive investment option offering regular rental income, long-term capital growth and security, even for those with a mortgage to pay. When you are buying to live, your major initial investment will be monthly payment towards mortgage in addition to insurance, property taxes and ongoing maintenance of the house.

Once the house is paid off, remember you need to keep investing in maintenance of the house so that your property value does not fall, even if you decide to rent it out in the future.

If you are buying to live, ensure that the resale value of the property will, subject to unforeseen circumstances, be higher. Rental demand will hold lower importance in this case as your long-term plan is to live in the property.

Rental demand
Make sure that the rental demand is high in the location you buy if you are planning to let. This will help you get better returns on your investment in the long run.

If you are buying to live, ensure that the resale value of the property will, subject to unforeseen circumstances, be higher. Rental demand will hold lower importance in this case as your long-term plan is to live in the property.

Location, accessibility
In general, whether you are looking to live or let, location, proximity and accessibility are common factors that should be given high importance. Whether it is for yourself or your tenant, place of work, supermarkets, schools, activities, amenities and other points should be considered.

When you own a buy-to-let property, you should always keep it in good condition by carrying out frequent maintenance and repairs causing less inconvenience to your tenants. While the property you live in also requires effort, you have a longer time frame in which to complete any alterations, additions or renovations because you will not be inconveniencing any tenants, only yourself.

When you decide to buy a house, you need to look at your reasons for buying to live or let against your short and long-term financial goals. Then you can decide what is right for you and your family.

Are you a savvy investor?

Financial services firm UBS says scrutiny over lending, from the outcome of the royal commission into banking and the financial sector, could bring about changes to interest only loans. 
Prudent lending may require traditional interest and principal mortgage loans only in future. These could make a big difference to those of us considering a rental property as a sound investment.
Everyone remembers what the subprime crisis did to the US economy in 2007, where banks basically lent money to anyone with a pulse. This created a false housing bubble with unsustainable loans. As we know the bubble burst in a spectacular way.
So, hoping tenants rent will cover interest may no longer be enough. Coupled with two probable interest rate hikes hovering around this year, now more than ever we need to get the math right. Investment properties can be financially rewarding, especially long term. Finding the right property at the right price is obviously key, but a good investment is dependent on several factors. 
Location is something you can't change. 
Reno queen Cherie Barber still recalls the disaster of her first investment property. Purchased on a busy road, adding reno costs etc she ended up selling at a loss. 
Purchasing the worst house in the best street is still a good rule of thumb. If you purchase a property because it's cheap, it may not sustain the escalated price of renovations or improvement costs when it's back for sale. 
Check other sales in the area, is there steady capital growth? For long term investments i.e. 10 years, calculate 10 years of rates (land and water) landlord insurance, maintenance costs, any shortfall to interest payments and property rental real estate fees during the life of the loan. 
If you're really keen on a home, you can enter into a conditional contract subject to having pest and building inspection reports done. 
Architect reports that check structural integrity, wiring, plumbing and conceptual renovation advice at this point are crucial. You may wish to add another storey or extend the footprint, you need professional advice on privacy, easements, and the building envelope allowed. 
At sale time calculate up to three per cent sales commission, conveyancing fees and any possible capital gains tax you may incur. If you do the research and the numbers stack up, we may find the tightening of the financial rules may open up the property market.
Particularly with the inflated city property market, this could stabilise prices. Fewer buyers clearing the way for savvy investors could be the outcome. 

Monday, June 4, 2018


Leading today’s roundup, China and Texas-based private equity firm Century Bridge, along with Germany’s Deutsche Finance Group, have teamed up with a mainland developer for a 1,427-unit residential project in eastern China’s Jiangsu province. Also in the headlines, the flexible workspace boom continues with Singapore-based JustCo aiming to build a 100-strong platform of co-working centres across Asia within two and a half years. And the Australian unit of Chinese builder Country Garden has revealed its development plans for a housing site it picked up in suburban Melbourne last year, while Singapore’s Perennial Real Estate has grabbed a majority stake in a housing project in Indonesia.

Century Bridge Invests in $204M Xuzhou Housing Project

Century Bridge announced recently that, together with co-investor Deutsche Finance Group, it has invested $11.1 million in a real estate development for a middle-income, residential project in Xuzhou, China. The investment will be made through a joint venture with Zhongliang Real Estate Group.
The $204 million project includes total gross buildable area of 231,535 square metres on a site of 74,487 square meters/801,780 square feet. Residential use will comprise about 177,573 square metres, or around 1,427 units. 

JustCo Targets 100 Asia Locations by 2020

Co-working space operator JustCo plans to set up 100 centers by 2020 in Asia and is looking to acquire firms that complement its operations, Chief Executive Kong Wan Sing said on Thursday.
“We are tapping into companies’ need for flexibility,” Kong told Reuters in an interview in Bangkok. JustCo opened its first co-working center outside of Singapore in Thailand this year with plans to add offices in Jakarta and Shanghai by year end, towards a goal of 50 centers in Asia by 2019, each with minimum space of 3,000 square meters, he said. 

Country Garden Unveils 4,500-Home Plan in Melbourne Suburb

Chinese-backed developer Country Garden Australia has announced its development plans for the 363-hectare parcel of land it acquired last year for a record $400 million.
The developer has unveiled plans for a 4,500 house masterplanned community that will house 12,500 new residents in Melbourne’s newest suburb, “Mambourin.” The 363-hectare site in Melbourne’s western growth corridor is located 40km from Melbourne’s CBD, and will have an estimated end value of $1.9 billion. 

WeWork Labs Launched at 3 Seoul Co-Working Centres

WeWork, a start-up that provides co-working office space to other start-ups, launched its WeWork Labs accelerator at three of its locations on Friday. “Korea is one of the most exciting places to be an entrepreneur,” said Roee Adler, the global head of WeWork Labs, during a media conference at WeWork Labs Yeoksam Station II in southern Seoul on Thursday.
While WeWork simply offers businesses working space and amenities, WeWork Labs facilitates start-up growth and overseas expansion. The new Labs, in addition to Yeoksam, are coming to WeWork’s locations in Euljiro in central Seoul and Yeouido in western Seoul. A fourth Labs at WeWork’s Seolleung branch is due to open in July. Korea is the first Asian country where WeWork has opened Labs. 

Perennial Unit Picks up 60% Stake in Indonesia Site for $15.6M

Perennial Real Estate Holdings has, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Perennial SL, acquired an effective 60 percent stake in a land parcel located in Sentul City, Bogor Regency, Indonesia, for a consideration of $15.6 million.
This was accomplished with Perennial SL’s acquisition of a 100 percent interest in Sanctuary City, a company that owns a 60 percent stake in the 246,982 square metre land parcel known as PT Bhakti Bangun Harmoni (BBH). The land parcel will be jointly developed into a predominantly-residential development by Perennial with Indonesia’s PT Cipta Harmoni Lestari, which holds the remaining 40 percent interest. 

Greenland USA Shakes up Sales Team at Metropolis in LA

Amid a long construction cycle, the musical chairs continues at Metropolis. The Agency team selling condos at Greenland USA’s three-tower project in Downtown Los Angeles is now handling sales at Tower 2, leaving the remaining unsold units to another agent. The 308-unit tower, which was completed in June, is 80 percent sold, the brokerage said Wednesday.
Lapchih Fan, an agent at LF8 Real Estate, will handle the remaining 60 or so units. James Harris and David Parnes, also at the Agency, are now co-listing all of the penthouses in the development with the Agency Development Group. 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Leann Chin Zi Ying 1.5 years in One World Real Estate Group

This video marks my one and a half years in this company. Thank you for all the guidance especially my boss (Mei Fen) who teach me from nothing to something, it makes me become a better person and help me to improve myself in every aspect. A very good experience and I definitely learnt a lot from all of you.

She is a hardworking and responsible girl, with good working attitude, the one and a half years with Oneworld Real Estate Group, she practice oneworld code of honor, core value, always stay connected with everyone in the company, thank you so much to choose Oneworld Real Estate group.

And this is the video she make for all of the people who touch her life in Oneworld, Zi Ying best of luck to you in your study and looking forward to see you growth in the future. Do come back to the big family whenever you want.

Thank you for staying with us, and we do learn from you.


Friday, May 25, 2018

Oneworld & Widebed Appreciation Night

Oneworld member would like to thank our parent, family members who always support us in whatever we do, without all these support, we will not able to work and live our life happy and excited.

Life is about creation, continue giving our love and support to people around us, every year, Oneworld Real Estate and Widebed arrange our appreciation night to celebrate and invite all the parent to attend our appreciation night event.

This year 2018, we had our dinner in I City shah alam, we arrange our family member to visit the Red Carpet Wax Museum@i-City.