Thursday, June 26, 2014


I started my real estate agent journey at my age of 25, I notice that  becoming a real estate agent in Malaysia is similar to starting a small business. Even though you'll work within a brokerage of established realtors or real estate agents, you need a startup fund for business expenses and to cover several months of personal expenses while you build your client base. Take every step seriously, and you'll have your first "sold" sign up with your savings account still intact.

I am glab that joining the prospering industry with sustainable growth and Real Estate is the Top 20 Ranking in Best Business Job in Malaysia. And I am proud to be real estate agent in  Malaysia

Real estate agency in Malaysia just moving into a new era, more and more real estate company begin to provide an intensive training and using a new business model. 

It is a right time for you to find out more about how to be a real estate agent in  Malaysia.