Thursday, November 6, 2014



To find a real estate agency to work for is as easy as ABC, whether you are recently licensed real estate agent or a seasoned professional looking for new opportunities, working for a real estate agency, developer can expose you to a large clients base and help you succeed in your real estate career in Malaysia.

Find a which agency to work for by researching your options and talking to different companies before choosing one that offers you the opportunities you need for your current career level.

The following are some tips of finding a Real Estate Agency in Malaysia to work for.

Do a research of the following:

1.     1.        Company Culture etc Team work, Responsible, Committed, Unity

2.    Company Vision and Mission

3.    Real Estate agency reputation etc any award wining

4.    Research the real estate agency in your area from a consumer perspective.

5.    Pay attention to advertisements, social media presence, yard signs, and open house
     Conduct an online search of difference agency in your area, look into the social media such as attractive website, website, activity on sites such as Facebook and blogger and well written reviews and testimonials

7.    The site contain all register Real Estate Agency in Malaysia : The Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia

8.    Discuss with difference agency agent, bankers, lawyers and property related, If possible, get an idea of which agency they prefer to work with.

9.    Talk to real estate professional in your area, Find out who the most desirable  agency are, and why.

10.  Find out which ones are recruiting new agents by calling, stopping into the office

 or visiting their websites, or office if possible.

11.  Research how many agents are with each agency, how long they stay and what their experience levels and areas of their agents expertise are. If many agents have been with a broker for long periods of time, it mean a good sign and that agency treats their agents fairly and well.

12. Find out what mentoring programs, if any, are available with different agency. If you are just starting out, you will benefit from an agency who helps you establish your Real Estate career.

13. Look for training programs or seminars that are offered or encouraged. Some real estate agency will even help you pass your real estate exam for licensure if you sign on with them while you are training to be an agent.

14. Assess the available technology. Some agency require their agents to provide their own laptops, cell phones and other devices. Other agency might provide computer access, copiers, fax machines.

15. Lastly talk about commissions. You will also need to know which party pays for licensing, marketing materials and benefits such as Name card, printing, phone use.

16. Determine how referrals and leads are handled. You will want to know if agents are assigned potential clients in a specific way, or if it will be up to you to bring in your own clients.