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Huttons Oneworld Real Estate Groupis one of the fastest growing real estate company in Malaysia. Huttons OneWorld Sdn. Bhd. is a joint venture company between two established leading real estate agencies from MALAYSIA (One World Realty) and SINGAPORE (Huttons International). Based on one common Mission and Vision, we are prepared to position ourselves to be the #1 player in Project Marketing Sales and as well as a leading real estate agency not only in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia but internationally.

Since 2010,it has grown from a small team of associates to over 220 real estate consultants presently and rapidly advancing in its strength. We strive to be The Agency Of Choice amongst local real estate agencies in providing professional management and marketing of properties through effective strategies, continuous learning, growth programs and vast business opportunity, investment and home for our partners.

Huttons Oneworld  Leading Global Real Estate 

What are the main reasons why Salesperson fails in this industry? Whats holding them from doing the right thing and what is the right thing to do? How do an average Salesperson rises from being average to become the champion in this challenging industry? 

Top 10 reasons why property salespersons continue not to do well in real estate?

1. Mindset
Success begins with the End in mind.
 Instead of having the mindset of a Champion, most salesperson only have a mindset of an average salesperson. For one salesperson to be successful, one will have to stop behaving like an average Salesperson who continues to think and behave like a typical salaried employee who does only what is expected of him. So, start thinking like a champion today!
2. Working Environment
Working environment may not be emphasized by many experts but as far as I am concern, Having the correct environment matters. Setting the right tone, the right mindset and the right attitude is critical to success. Work environment can also be described as working in a negative environment with skeptical colleagues and managers versus working in a positive environment with highly effective colleagues and managers. To soar with eagles, one will have to know what is a correct and positive environment for Champions.
A correct working environment is often your office, where you go to work at 9am daily in the right business attire and doing your business effectively.
Correct environment don’t just suggest the venue you work but also the colleagues you mix with. Choose wisely, but even when you are choosing, champions may also be choosing you.
3. Marketing Skills

Marketing in Real Estate Terms is simply getting your prospective customers to find you easily, quickly and cost effectively. To do your marketing correctly, you need to acquire correct marketing skills. Effective marketing skills will get you the right results at little or no cost. Marketing skills is definitely one of the indisputable skills you need to have if you want to excel in this industry. However when most of the average salespersons are only doing press advertisements and internet advertisements, the champions simply do better and do more than the average does. An effective marketing campaign over a short period of time can generate hundreds of potential leads.
4. Skill Sets

Having the correct mindset, the right environment and effective marketing skills. Given the clients, do you also have the powerful skills set to assist your clients achieve their objective?
 To effectively convince Buyers for them to take actions on the spot? To convince Sellers to be realistic, reducing their high expectations and to sell their unit quickly, effectively and at the correct market valuation price?
5. Tool Sets

Average salespersons are often over busy and have schedules lined up to their neck compared to a champion salesperson. The average salesperson do not leverage and does everything themselves compared to the champion. A champion’s income can easily be 10 times more to an average salesperson. The champions leveraged on tools and technologies so that they can earn quality money in style. They spend more time doing money-generating activities and continue to have more time for their families and lifestyles to keep. Tool sets suggest more of creating systems, using machines and engaging a partner to oversee the operation.
6. Team Leader 
 Many salespersons choose a manager quickly and easily without doing any credentials checks on them.
Believe it or not, when you join a Champion Leader, the chances of you becoming a champion are always higher. And on the other hand, if your Leader is not even capable of making $5,000 commission a month consistently, rarely does the apprentices transform into a champion when they are doing what he is doing.
Having a positive and encouraging manager is crucial in the initial stage of your career. 
So choose this manager carefully.
In this business, you will not be able to do everything yourself. One will also need to grow and work with effective partners to achieve win-win for all. However for a new salesperson, rarely does another salesperson introduce you their partners as most will deem you as a competitor than a fellow colleague. The right environment matters again. 
Getting partners can be a breeze if your company or your manager does the introduction. 
However don’t just rely on this, keep finding and keep growing and think win-win!
8. Company

Agency hopping doesn’t help champions to make more money but waste more time and opportunity cost in the transition. Hence choosing the right agency matters.
Choosing a correct Real Estate company in my views are classified into 3 main factors.
A. The Support
B. The Overriding Scheme
C. The Products
A. Support
Most companies provide very good infrastructure and good support for their salespeople. An exclusive building of their own branding with facilities like clubhouse, swimming pool and gym. While some comes with 10,000 sq ft of office space with huge customer service counters catered to serve salesperson for their administration needs etc.
B. The Overriding Scheme
This is another main pull factor for many huge team managers and salesperson who grows their teams. An attractive overriding scheme will pay off more incentive to the managers and vice versa. Minority of the companies offers multi-tier overriding and majority of the big boys offer 2 tiers overriding with huge bonuses when sales targets are achieved.
C. The Products
This is the most important factor to me when I choose my company to join compared to Factor A or B.
A. If I don’t have products to sell, what good do quality support like administrators and swimming pool do for me?
B. What good even if i have fantastic overriding scheme when my team is not doing well?
Most companies offer listing posted by the sellers themselves as their products when these listings are widely available across the web when you search in the correct portal as FSBO, for sale by owner.
These listings a.k.a Open Listings are usually open to all the Salesperson in Singapore to market and this units are highly competitive compared to the exclusive units.
My personal recommendation is to join real estate companies started by developers themselves as these companies usually have a lot of projects to market. This is also the real product that we are talking about, as these listings will be exclusive and unique to your company only.
 New Salespersons will also have more opportunity to learn showroom management and given opportunity to serve walk-in customers in a conducive environment effectively. These will also help managers in their recruitment.
9. Quality Trainings
Quality trainings are expensive especially if trained by reputable trainers; Prices can range from few thousands to tens of thousands per student. Trainings are the most important investments one should have for themselves and self investment to trainings is critical to their success. I have seen how one’s skills improve after attending quality trainings and how fast their income accelerates. Having a reputable trainer as your manager and your mentor, is definitely a excellent acceleration boaster to your success in this industry.
10. Established Coach
Every champion needs a coach. Even world champions, requires a coach even after they consistently break world records and achieve astonishing results. This coach continues to pace you on track and consistently reminds you to do the right thing. Usually this coach is your manager or your company leader.
The above reviews are based on my own opinion and experience. I hope this information is useful to you and will serve you as a starter’s guide to your success in your career path to Real Estate.
 Remember to do only the right thing and always do it now
Huttons OneWorld Sdn Bhd is currently having its own premises at Lot 126, Jalan Genting Klang, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where the Head Quarter and Sales Gallery are located.

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